Shefali Research Laboratories is an extensive research laboratory working in the area of food science, sustainability and nanomaterials. We are working on several consultancy projects with academia and industries. 

Conceptualized and operational since 2010, Shefali Research Laboratories strives for excellence in the following areas of research and development:

  • Food Chemistry and Food Security
  • Machine-assisted organic synthesis and artificial intelligence 
  • Scaling of important industrial chemical reactions 
  • Bioactive compounds and immunity
  • Food and role of SDGs
Our aim is to build a better culture of the food sector, understand food-immune mechanisms and reach the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

We strive to provide curative measures and method development protocols to food chemists, clinical researchers and material scientists. We firmly believe in working with coherent research organizations, hospitals and universities that can catapult our vision and mission. 

If you are a food chemist, chemical engineer, material scientist, computer engineer, data scientist, clinical researcher or dietician, you may contact us through a proper channel through this site. 


HR Department

Shefali Research Laboratories, Ambernath, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Food Chemistry, Sustainability and Nanomaterials


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