Journals, Books, Chapters in edited books and IP . The list is constantly growing and updated every three months.

  1. Abdur Rauf, Payal Joshi, et al. (2024). Comprehensive review of the repositioning of non-oncologic drugs for cancer immunotherapy, Medical Oncology. DOI:
  2. Abdur Rauf, Polrat Wilairatana, Payal B. Joshi, et al. (2024). Revisiting luteolin: An updated review on its anticancer potential, Heliyon. DOI:
  3. Joshi, Payal. (2023). Faculty transfer and its association with mental well-being in academia. SSRN (Elsevier) or
  4. Payal B. Joshi (2023) Making Ammonia: Fritz Haber, Walther Nernst, and the Nature of Scientific Discovery, Ambix, 70 (4), 402-403. DOI: 10.1080/00026980.2023.2222587
  5. Maria P. Nikolova, Payal B. Joshi, Murthy S. Chavali, Updates on Biogenic Metallic and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Therapy, Drug Delivery and Cytotoxicity, Pharmaceutics, (2023) 15(6), 1650; 
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  7. Joshi, P.B. Navigating with chemometrics and machine learning in chemistry. Artificial Intelligence Review,  56, 9089–9114 (2023).  
  8. Mohammad, Faruq, Hamad A Al-Lohedan, Payal B Joshi, Prasanna Kumar Obulapuram, Murthy Chavali, Aiesha Nawaf Al-Balawi, and Maria P Nikolova. (2022) Engineered Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Externally Controlled Hyperthermia, Drug Delivery, and Therapeutic Toxicity. Precision Nanomedicine, August, 916–35, DOI: 10.33218/001c.37603.
  9. Joshi P. (2017), Plutonium Today and Beyond (on invite), Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, 7(10), 871-873.
  10. Joshi P. (2016), Is Zero Liquid Discharge a Feasible Solution? Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, 6(11), 989-996. 
  11.  Joshi, P. (2014). Carbon Dioxide Utilization: A Comprehensive Review, International Journal of Chemical Sciences 12(4), 1208-1220.
  12. Joshi P. (2013) Green Metrics in a Pharmaceutical Scenario, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Bioanalytical Science, 2(4), 39-46.
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  14. Payal B. Joshi, S. I.Bhoir, R.K.Jadhav, K.Vishwanath, Stability-Indicating LC Method for Analysis of Lamotrigine and Use of the Method to Study Degradation Kinetics (2011) Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 2, Issue 4, p.142- 149, PharmRes Foundation, 2011.
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  1. Payal B. Joshi, Prathamesh Churi, Manoj Pandey (2024). Scientific Publishing Ecosystem, Springer (Accepted) 
  2. Joshi P (2024). Food and Function (Grant funded IP work) 
  3. Joshi P, Deep S. (2019). Engineering Chemistry, Oxford University Press, (Prescribed in University of Mumbai syllabus since 2019). ISBN 9780199496662.
  4. Joshi P. (2016) Experiments in Engineering Chemistry, IK International Publishing Pvt. Ltd. ISBN 9789385909139. 
Book Chapters
  1. G.V.S. Subbaroy Sarma, Payal B. Joshi, Murthy Chavali. (2024) "Nanofabrication using Physical Methods." In Nanofabrication: Enrapturing Cues and Prodigal Applications, edited by Kamal Prasad, Gajendra Prasad Singh, Anal Kant Jha, CRC Press. 72-92, 
  2. Payal B. Joshi, Nivedita Chaubal-Durve, Chandra Mohan (2023) "Full Blown Green Metrics." In: Green Chemistry Approaches to Environmental Sustainability: Status, Challenges and Future Perspectives, edited by Vinod K Garg, Anoop Yadav, Chandra Mohan, Sushma Yadav, Neeraj Kumari,  Elsevier Inc. 109-129, (Book is part of series titled Advances in Green and Sustainable Chemistry edited by Bela Torok and Timothy Dransfield)
  3. Enamala Manoj Kumar, Supraja Enamala, Rishibha Dixit, S.M. Faheem, Payal B. Joshi, Murthy Chavali. (2023) "Applications of nuclei acid aptamers in cancer diagnostics from the laboratory to the clinic," In Aptamers for Point-Of-Care Detection of Cancer, edited by Arpana Parihar, Pushpesh Ranjan, Raju Khan, 1st ed., IOP (Institute of Physics).
  4. Payal B. Joshi, Murthy Chavali, Gagan Kant Tripati, and Surabhi Tondwalkar. (2023). “Medical Applications of Activated Carbon.” In Activated Carbon, edited by Chandrabhan Verma and Mumtaz A. Quraishi, 1st ed., 42–54. Royal Society of Chemistry.
  5. Joshi, P. (2021). Advanced Instructional Strategies in a Virtual Chemistry Laboratory during the COVID-19 outbreak. in  Innovative Education Technologies for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, CRC Press. ISBN 9781003143796, p.45-58, DOI: 10.1201/9781003143796-4 
  6. Payal B. Joshi (2020) ‘Unifying Artificial Intelligence and Chemistry,’ featured in Joy of Engineering and Management, Volume II, ISBN 9788194737728, Saliha Publications.
IPR (Patents and Copyrights)
  1. Ketakee Durve, Geetanjali Ashtekar, Anant Jhaveri, Payal B. Joshi, Improved Sustainable Catalytic Oxidation Process, Indian Patent IN354206 granted on 22 December 2020. 
  2. Payal B. Joshi, Neeraj Chandnani, Kirti Verma, M. Sundararajan, Anand Mohan, Uma Sahu, Seema Dubey, Ganga Singh, Neelam Swarnkar & Mamta Verma, A Crop health monitoring system using machine learning, Indian Patent application no. 202121048702 (filed on 25th Oct 2021) under examination. 
  3. Payal B. Joshi, N. Chandnani, K.Verma, M.Sundararajan, A.Mohan, Uma Sahu, Seema Dubey, Ganga Singh, Neelam Swarnkar & Mamta Verma, Automated crop health monitoring system using advanced machine learning algorithm, Diary No. 25982/2021- CO/L, filed on 25th Oct 2021 and granted on 18th April 2022. 
Invited Talks
  1. Keynote speaker for international webinar titled, "Blue food and climate sustenance," conducted by SEMS Welfare Foundation, New Delhi, 1st August 2023 from 2 to 3 pm (IST). 
  2. Chairing as a panellist at DORA 10th Anniversary event titled, "Publisher Bans & DORA" moderated by Dr. Zen Faulkes (McMaster University) alongwith other panel members Katherine Stephan (Liverpool John Moores University) and Jennifer Coston-Guarini (The Entangled Bank Laboratory) on 15th May 14:00 (UCT)/19.30 (IST) More details:
  3. Invited as Panellist Speaker at Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) ChemCareer 2023 Mental Health and Careers for delivering session on mental health titled, “What is burnout? What to do about it and how to avoid it?” on 26th April 2023 from 12.30-13.30 London Time (5.00-6.00 PM IST). For more details: ChemCareers 2023 Mental Health and Careers
  4. Invited as keynote speaker for an international webinar titled, 'Artificial Intelligence - Oracle, Opportunities and Way Ahead,' at SEMS Welfare Foundation, New Delhi, 12th November 2022 from 2 to 3 pm (IST).
  5. Invited speaker for international seminar titled, ‘Food Sector in a Post Covid world,’ at SEMS Welfare Foundation, New Delhi, 8th August 2022 from 5 to 6 pm (IST). 
  6. Invited speaker for Online Two-day workshop on Research Methodology Course (RMC-21) for Ph.D. Research Scholars in Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, 11th – 12th April 2021. Title of the talk, ‘Preparing a robust supplementary information research data,’ presented on 11th April 2021. 
  7. International invited Talk titled, ‘Enabling Diversity & Inclusion in Solar Management Research,’ at Global Women's Breakfast 2021 held by IKIAM Universidad Regional Amazonica, a Public University at Ecuador, South America (conducted under International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), 9th February 2021.
Conferences and Presentations
  1. Payal B. Joshi (2022) Storytelling Strategies of Undergraduate Course on Science, Technology and Society, 2nd International Symposium on Educational Research (ERL2022), The Global Transformation of Education and Learning Trends: Re-Evaluating Education in the Endemic World, Riyadh, 8 October 2022 at 2.30 Riyadh Time (5 pm IST).
  2. Kruti Gala, Surabhi Tondwalkar, Payal B. Joshi, (2022) Courtroom evidence using Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging, 13th Annual Postgraduate Workshop, ‘Chemistry Outside the Classroom,’ The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, 13th – 14th May 2022, London US Eastern Time 8:00 – 9:30. 
  3. Payal B. Joshi (2017) Zero-to-minimal liquid discharge as wastewater management approach, National Symposium on Frontiers in Applied Biological & Chemical Sciences (FABCS’ 17), Oral presentation, Dept. of Microbiology, Smt. Chandibai H. Mansukhani College, 10 th – 11th February, 2017.
  4. Payal B. Joshi, S.I. Bhoir, Identification of Forced Degradation Products of Lamotrigine and Itopride using LC-PDA and LC-MS techniques (2010) Manshodhan, (Oral Presentation)-In proceedings, Mithibai College, Vile Parle, Mumbai, 27th November, 2010.
  5. Payal B. Joshi, S.I.Bhoir, R.K.Jadhav, K.Vishwanath, Sunil S. Dhuri, Stability-indicating RP-HPLC method development and validation of lamotrigine API (2009) 61st Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (61st IPC), In proceedings, 11th-13th December 2009, NIRMA University, Ahmedabad, India.
Magazine Articles/Newspapers/Blogs
  1. Boosting cubane synthesis with photosensitizers, Organic Matter, Chemistry World, Royal Society of Chemistry, 11th May 2023, 2.30 BST (19:00 IST). 
  2. Webbing into the webinars, Times of India, TOI Readers’ Blog, 2nd June 2020, 23:49 IST
    (Technology’ section); 20835/
  3. Shifting Paradigms of Virtual Learning in Higher Education, Times of India, TOI Readers’
    Blog, 18th May 2020, 22.47 IST (article under ‘India’ section) virtual- learning-in-higher-education-19844/
  4. Smelly Chemicals- An Organic Chemist's View, Science 2.0, Chemical Etiquettes column, 23rd April, 2013,
  5. Stress Up The Stress, Science 2.0, Chemical Etiquettes column, 26th April 2012,
  6. Understanding The Human Face, Science 2.0, Chemical Etiquettes column, 27th May 2011 ,
  7. Too Much Information, Science 2.0, Chemical Etiquettes column, 8th May 2011,
  8. Carbene Is Genie in A Bottle, Science 2.0, Chemical Etiquettes column, 21st March 2011,
Published books Cover: Engineering Chemistry (prescribed as reference book in University of Mumbai since 2019)
Published books Cover: Experiments in Engineering Chemistry (2016)

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