Following are the research projects currently undergoing in our laboratory:

1. Understanding machine learning techniques in chemical reactions
A unique collaborative project is underway on developing ML models and deploying them to understand retrosynthetic pathways to prepare lead drug molecules. The work is now extrapolated to achieve green synthetic routes.

2. Green metrics of relevant industrial reactions and developing downstream processes
Industrial reactions are successful based on their optimized downstream processes. Many biocatalysts are greener methods, yet they suffer with poor downstream processes leading to poor product yields. Downstream processes such as filtration, separation and isolation of product derivatives are carried for chosen NCEs and agro-based chemicals.

3.  Nanosensors and developing probes for detecting food contaminants
Food contamination is being studied in different matrices obtained from different food markets. We have developed nanosensory devices that can easily detect contaminants in foodstuffs and frozen foods. 

Completed Projects
  1. Carbon-capture technologies (2013-2015) 
  2. Zero-to-near zero liquid discharge from chemical industries (2015-2017)
  3. Phase-transfer catalysts for partial oxidation of drug moieties) intramural funded by NMIMS project completed in 2016). Patent published and granted under Indian Act. 
  4. A crop health monitoring system for detecting serious plant diseases. Indian Copyright granted on 18th April 2022.
  5. SPIONs nanoparticles and their course of action in nanomedicine completed on 10th August 2022. Research paper published on 8th August 2022 in Precision Nanomedicine.
  6. Project on bioactives found in edible mushrooms were studied and paper was published in May 2023. 
We have a team of analysts and a collaborative task force who work with us on the above projects and provide guidance respectively. 
We are open to volunteers from across the globe to participate with us on various projects all year round. 

Following ongoing projects: 

1. Tea leaves, associated metabolic functions and impact of tea cropping on selected SDGs (initial date: 15th August 2022). Timeline: 1 year (SLBPJ2022-16; intramural funding of 1.5 lakh). Project completed on 30th August 2023. White paper is under preparation. 
Tea leaves and its role in SDGs. Courtesy: Pixabay, DukeAsh.
2. Extraction, isolation of essential constituents from edible seaweeds
Seaweed as a culinary cuisine. Courtesy: Pixabay
3. Selected organic synthetic routes mapping on chemical language models
Machine-assisted green metrics. Courtesy: Pixabay
4. Food and Function relationships (SLBPJ2023-17, intramural funding of 3 lakh for 2 years granted on 1st February 2023)

Food-Function Relationship
5. Calculation of green and sustainability metrics of organic reactions 
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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