Analysts & Researchers

Analysts and Technicians who are involved in different research projects and responsible for site visits and conducting experiments

Those who wish to join our team of experts, should contact us with their updated CV or resume exhibiting expertise in the following roles:
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data Analysis
  • Blockchain food technology
  • Material Science
  • Sustainability Practices
Potential candidates must note that working as analysts/researchers in Shefali Research Laboratories requires 15-30% travel time annually. Travel time includes outdoor visits for collecting samples, conference participation and academic collaboration to universities and colleges. 
Analysts who are involved in different research projects, IP and site visits:
1. Anuja Anand (Food Analysis)
2. Ravicharan S (Nanomaterial analysis)
3. Rupesh Joshi (Sustainability)
4. Sunanda R.S (R&D analyst)
5. Akshay Salian (Field Survey Moderator)
6. Rashmi Sunderesan (Field Surveyor)
7. Kshmata Mishra (Analyst)
8. Pradeep Kundu (Data Analyst)
9. Saroopa Samantaray (IP Advisor)
10. Raghuvendra Mahinder (R&D analyst)
11. Binod Varma (R&D analyst)

Interns who joined us are as follows (from April 2023):
1. Suneetha Kundu (Field Survey trainee)
2. Pravin Kulkarni (Research Intern)
3. Sakshi Tyagi (Research Intern)

Note: We are currently closed for hiring of candidates until March 2024. 
Our recent interest is in area of research integrity in scientific publishing. If you are interested to work in this emerging area, please reach out to us.  

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